serpentine malign


i am a writer and artist in my late 20s, based in the uk. i've been writing fic for a very long time, and i make art every now and again, when the mood strikes. in both cases, i'm self-taught.

politically, i am a leftist and a queer inclusionist.

in my fanworks, i like to explore dark subjects, erotic horror, and the limits of human experience. generally if the content would be acceptable in published fiction i would consider it to be acceptable in fanworks. i don't consider depicting immoral acts in fiction to inherently say anything specific about the creator's morality.

i mute and block liberally if you post content that makes me uncomfortable, and i ask that you do the same for me.

it goes without saying, but don't access any of my warned-for content if it's likely to trigger or harm you.

transformative works policy

please let me know if you make anything based on my work, credit me and link back to the original work!