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hi, welcome to my page! i am a writer and artist active in fan circles. i like bright colours, transgressive themes and self-indulgence.

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7th february 2023: biggest update yet! site restyled, pages and media pruned, ready for new expansion. some fan shrines and individual oc pages are incoming. i finally have a links section! with people!

30 april 2022: we finally changed the background to make the site nice and dark and easier to read. i'm also now indexed as an 18+ site for... reasons :) (i already coded this site lol. i can't be bothered to make another for my nsfw stuff.)

6th june 2021: the site is wholly up and running! bar some style changes i hope to do in the coming months, it's all set!

5th june 2021: all pages are functional and accessible via the top bar! some are still missing graphics, though.

31st may 2021: art page is up and running!

18th may 2021: fic page has been created, although it's perhaps more confessional than i'd like it to be...

11th may 2021: we have an about page! it's still under construction.

10th may 2021: 'updates' page created, and updated with a new fic!

8th may 2021: site was born, like a baby, but less messy

cool sites :)

get in touch if you'd like to be added (or removed)!


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